Administration salariale

Payroll administration

The right salary is extremely important for your human capital, and you are likely also keen to see that all support measures are correctly implemented and that wage costs are optimised.

Salary policy and optimisation

Given all the amendments we face, it becomes a difficult task to remain informed on salary optimisation, alternative remuneration methods and possible employment bonuses. And that’s why contacting one of our experts will almost always result in a win-win situation – because in due course you will certainly profit from your investment.

Payroll services and personnel administration

We can even add value to your company when it comes to payroll services as advisers. While we may not be a social security agency, our experience means improved efficiency within your company.

Social legal advice

Our labour law specialists closely follow all developments in respect of social security legislation and maintain extremely close contact with the various public bodies and inspectorates. And we’re by your side in word and deed during inspections too.

Social audit

In the wake of a takeover or when you are bolstering your current structure, we can examine your company in order to check to what extent it complies with the social requirements in a legal sense.