Fiscalité internationale

International tax advice

If you are planning to engage in international trade, then a major step like that requires excellent preparation. Accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the local market and legislation is a prerequisite – there are issues such as VAT deductions, seconding employees to branches abroad, transfer pricing, and a myriad other concerns. We are the perfect company for those who operate on the international stage, and are just as crucial to those already working on a multinational basis as those who aim to operate abroad in the future.

International advice

Situations where you can fall back on our international tax advice:

·         I want to be kept updated on (changing) international tax laws and legislation

·         I want to open a branch abroad

·         I have a (local) family business and I am interested in doing business abroad

·         I want to work abroad with my staff for a certain period of time

·         What international VAT legislation will affect me?

·         I want to learn more about conducting business abroad

We can help you to navigate the complex tax laws that are triggered when you start operating internationally. Our tax consultants aim to help you identify returns on investment and maximise these through advising you on:
- the best legal structure
- transfer pricing
- intellectual property
- repatriating cash
- international employment

Transfer pricing

We can help you to draft the required documents, settle disputes with local and foreign tax authorities, make preparations for pricing agreements, determining the tax consequences of intellectual property, and also assess the risk and opportunities available within cross-border transactions.

International employment

National borders are no longer an obstruction when it comes to doing business, so why not take a look at other countries and see whether you can sell projects there? Of course, one problem is that employment laws differ greatly from what you are accustomed to – there are issues such as minimum wages, working hours, who receives the social security contributions and which nation is entitled to tax the employee? These are all questions that our international employment team can answer.

Crowe Horwath

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