HR Services

The people form the heart of any company, and that is why it is absolutely essential to create the best possible HR and payroll policy. But this remains an incredible challenge for most companies. That’s no surprise, as so many different factors have to be taken into account, such as the legislation and the best skills to have, including recruiting and coaching.

Whether you’re looking to expand and recruit new staff or you’re wanting to manage your HR department more efficiently, our experts are always ready to assist. Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem has a dedicated team to respond to all your social and legal queries, and we will support you in respect of both soft HR as well as hard HR (payroll, etc).

Recruitment & selection

A company is only as strong as its employees – a cliché, maybe, but it’s also the truth. And that is why it is always a good idea for you to seek out the opinion of an expert, especially for critical recruitments. The advantage is that this expert can assess your company from the outside and will see things that you may have become blind to, and he or she can also ensure that you employ the best person for the job.

We will assist you to find the right person with the perfect skills set and shared values.

In real terms we can take you through the entire process by:

·         determining what talent your company needs

·         compile a vacancy advertisement to attract that talent

·         selecting suitable outlets for it

·         employing the best selection techniques.

Thanks to the wide range of services we offer, we can also advise you directly when it comes to payroll administration, while our legal team ensures that your contracts are absolutely watertight.

HR Advice & personnel department

Your HR policy naturally does not start and end with recruitment. Giving the talent already in your company the opportunity to grow and simultaneously ensuring that your staff stays motivated is just as important, and maybe even more important. It’s the only way to guarantee company growth. And that is why we are also able to lend a hand in improving your HR, with the focus on competence & talent management, payroll and many other aspects.

If you are involved in a project where we can assist you or if you are looking for creative ways to improve motivation among your staff, then contact us so that together we can make your staff happy!