Comptabilité et reporting

Accountancy & financial reports

Accounting is more than just bookkeeping, and we know that your company has very specific needs and we aim to cater to them. We build up our teams so that you only have to focus on the major points, which is company growth. We take all the other issues off of your hands, so rest assured. Our specialist accounting unit has a great deal of experience with companies of all sizes and in all industries – we know what you need!

Just a few things that we can and will do for you:

·         selecting and implementing new accounting software for your company

·         we can take over your bookkeeping tasks, whether in part or in their entirety (outsourcing) and compile your annual accounts

·         we will provide support for financial planning and strategic advice

·         we will optimise your management-level reporting

Quick wins & long term

You will be amazed at how efficient and thorough we are when you come to us. We look for any and all quick wins over the short term, but our true goal is a long-term partnership that allows you to focus on the future of your company with confidence. And this safe in the knowledge that you can rely on irreproachable accounting and clear and usable reports. Thanks to our services, you will always know how your company is doing in terms of its finances.

Online accounting

We use Exact Software so that you can perform all administrative tasks yourself and/or follow up on them.

Exact Online offers an online platform that allows you to manage and follow up on your administration in full. This allows you to call on our services for those tasks that require additional expertise. You can easily access your accounting records at the top of the page. 

Financial reports

Accounting does not just involve compiling figures from the past. Here at Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem we now that the figures contain valuable information on your company, which is why professional reports tailored to your company that take into account your budgets and ratios is absolutely indispensable for a growing business.

With the aid of a range of software tools, we will compile the financial reports you need, linked to your administrative records. This, together with real-time links to your financial data, salary details and your sales software, means you will have up-to-date reports that can be used to follow up on your KPIs.

And if you wish, we can combine our accounting expertise with our tax, human resources and legal services. Contact us to see what we can do for your company’s operations.