This privacy declaration states, inter alia, what information is collected on the website by Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates, how Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates uses these data and how it is secured. By using the website and its related services you expressly consent to the collection, use, publication and storage of your personal data, as set out in this privacy declaration and the terms and conditions for use. Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates can decide to amend this privacy declaration if, for example and insofar as such is permitted by the law, other (personal) data are processed that are not identified in this privacy declaration.

When you visit the website for the sole purpose of obtaining information on Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates or its products and services or on topics or items that appear on this website, your personal data are not processed.  It is only when you wish to receive certain services or products, wish to participate in competitions or apply for services for which registration is required (inter alia, receiving our newsletter) that you can be asked to provide certain personal data (such as your given Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates , surCrowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates , login details, email address, gender, street Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates , street address, postal code, postal address, date of birth, profession, telephone number and an image). Whenever you provide personal data, Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates shall use them in accordance with the policy set out here and with the statutory obligations in respect of processing personal data. You guarantee that the data you provide to Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates belong to you, or that you have permission to use them and provide them to Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates. Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates can revoke access to its website or to parts thereof, whether temporarily or permanently, if you use false data or data that belong to third parties without their permission.

Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates processes the personal data in order to make contact with you, to deliver the products or services that you requested or that you registered for, to inform you of our products and services (inter alia, the dates upon which Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates events take place; competitions; etc), for personalising the products and services offered to you and for direct marketing purposes. Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates shall only send to you the information for which you registered on the website, such s the newsletter. The use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes by third parties is subject to your explicit permission, which you are free to give or withhold. Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates shall in principle only process the personal data you have provided for those purposes stated in this privacy declaration.  If Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates wishes to use or process your personal data for other purposes or if it wishes to hand it over to companies with which it works, it shall request express permission from you to do so, and you may decline to provide such.

Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates protects your data with the aid of technical and administrative safety measures in order to minimise the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorised access, publication and changes. This includes firewalls, data encryption and physical and administrative access checks to the data and the servers. If you think that your data have been misused, then you can get in touch Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates. Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates does not store personal data longer than is permitted by law and deletes it when it is no longer necessary for the purposes set out above.

If your personal data are incorrect or incomplete or are not relevant to the purposes for which we process your data, then you can ask us to amend or delete the data. Such requests shall be treated in accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 for the protection of privacy in respect of the processing of personal data.

Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates can collect anonymous or aggregated information of a non-personal nature, such as browser types or IP addresses, the operating programme or the domain Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates  of the website from which you accessed the Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates website or through which you left it.

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