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We welcome all clients here at Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates, whether you are a small-scale SME looking for all-in support or a multinational company seeking just one specific service. Thanks to our experience, expertise and the network we have cultivated, we are able to provide tailored solutions to any problem. We like to work together with you when it comes to Accountancy (Accounting & Financial reporting), Tax (Tax Advisory, Compliance & International Tax), HR (Payroll, HR services & International employee mobility) and Legal services.

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If you want to use your expertise to help us to help companies and you’d love to devote your knowledge and experience to facilitate the growth of other businesses, then check our vacancies to find out if you could be our very next member of staff!

Event Belgian Corporate Tax Reform: what does it mean for you?

Did you know that:
- The tax resulting from a tax audit will be due even if the company has tax losses
- Not paying the company's...

Event Webinar: implementation of VAT in countries of the Gulf Gooperation Council

The implementation of VAT in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is one of the most significant tax reforms for the region....

Who are we ?

Crowe Horwath Vanhuynegem Associates is a medium-sized firm that specialises in the fields of accounting, tax consultancy, legal advice, global employment and payroll services.  But of course what you really want to know is whether we are the right partner for you; whether we will give you the necessary support.

If you are seeking proactive guidance tailored to your needs then rest assured, we are on your side! If you require experts who understand the financial context of your business but can analyse the international industry as well? We have them! We bring you in contact with a personal advisor who, supported by the professional knowledge of the entire team, will be able to guide you in this.

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Comparison of Holding Regimes

Especially for our international clients we have compiled an overview of the main tax features of holding regimes in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In total we have included information about 48 different countries.

Starting up in Belgium: general principles for foreign companies

What follows is an overview of some general principles relating to the start up of activities in Belgium by a foreign company without a formal branch in Belgium.

1. General tax issues

1.1. Corporate income tax

1.1.1. Existence of a tax PE in Belgium